World's First Smart Campus Exploration System


Being developed for over a year, MIT-ADT Virtual Tour Game is an investigating ground for new hopeful students who wish to take admission, without really coming to campus, rather welcoming it to you on your PC as PC Game, where you can openly wander in the campus as you need with no limitations. Planned and Created by students of Dept. of CSE, MITSOE under the guidance of  Dean - Engineering and the MIT-ADT University

MIT ADT VIRTUAL TOUR is copyrighted at Copyrights Office, Govt. of India

Issued Apr 4, 2021 - Patent issuer and number - 102731/2021

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Other details, Teleport system and More:

In the game, you control a Character either in a third-individual point of view or first individual viewpoint - all as indicated by you for a more reasonable and vivid experience where you can wander around the campus openly and explore the campus however you need, the campus is precisely constructed with the goal that it causes you to feel you are in the campus basically. You can utilize the Main menu to get any data about specific schools, The game highlights a magically Teleport framework meaning you can straightforwardly go to any area on the campus utilizing the magically Teleport menu consequently saving your time, aside from this, every school has its own presentation voice over which you can pay attention to involving on-screen communication for getting more experiences about that school


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Dynamic weather system & Different Graphic Modes - Time of Day:

The game additionally includes a dynamic climate framework so you get a more reasonable encounter on how the grounds look during Rainy days with sensible precipitation and water puddles that makes it more vivid with some stunning visuals. Aside from downpour, the game likewise has 3 Unique Realistic Modes i.e. TIME-OF-DAY highlight where you can see the campus at various times - DAYTIME, DUSK & EVENING involving the on-screen co-operation for additional reasonable bits of knowledge and feeling of authenticity practically


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Main Menu and Graphics settings:

The game has an intelligent MAIN MENU that can be approached by pressing the ESC key, so you get to see different choices in the main menu including VIEW COLLEGE - to get data on colleges, VIEW MAP - to see the top view guide of campus and GRAPHIC SETTINGS - so clients can change the illustrations settings from low, medium, high and ultra as per their PC power concerning RAM and GPU


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