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Updates on Local Streets & MIT ADT Virtual Tour

ERC Game Launcher, Project details, features, progress, and more...

Local Streets:

As said before, with LOCAL STREETS, ERC aims to bring action-adventure open-world genre to Indian setting with action-packed gameplay, the game features story mode taking you to a luxurious tropical paradise of Senora in the Indian ocean, you play through an amazing storyline broken down into missions followed by a heist where you will come across all aspects of action including shooting, cinematic cutscenes, and vivid music all blended together smoothly for a more immersive experience.

The game features a single playable character and other non playable characters that you come across during the campaign where you interact with them as you play and progress the story. Apart from storytelling, there is a open world to explore around going to new places and discovering new hidden locations and things

Stay tuned as we share more info in the weeks coming ahead as we prepare for launch in Quarter 2 of 2022

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MIT-ADT Virtual Tour : World's first Campus Exploration System:

In development for more than a year, MIT-ADT Virtual Tour is world's first Smart Campus Exploration system that lets new users roam around to explore the campus sitting at home on their PC as computer game. Designed & Developed by students of Dept. of CSE, MITSOE under the guidence of Dean - Engineering and the MIT-ADT University

The game features a range of aspects that make you feel as if you are actually in campus through realistic graphics and never seen before interactive features that engage and immerse you in, including on-screen interactions, audios, music and voice-overs

Stay tuned as we share more info on this in coming days...MIT-ADT Virtual Tour is in final stages of development and will be available soon to download from MIT-ADT University's website and our official website

Both these will be also available on our own - ERC GAME LAUNCHER that is also under development