SQL | Database Management Course

This selected course will help you learn SQL ,In this course, we'll be looking at database management basics and SQL using the MySQL RDBMS.

Course Content Highlights
  • What is a Database?

  • Tables & Keys

  • SQL Basics

  • MySQL Windows Installation

  • MySQL Mac Installation

  • Creating Tables

  • Inserting Data

  • Constraints

  • Update & Delete

  • Basic Queries

  • Company Database Intro

  •  Creating Company Database

  • More Basic Queries

  • Functions

  • Wildcards

  • Union

  • Joins

  • Nested Queries

  •  On Delete

  •  Triggers

  • ER Diagrams Intro

  • Designing an ER Diagram

  • Converting ER Diagrams to Schemas

What you will learn after this course:

You will learn SQL from basics to advance with hands on SQL queries and fundamentals


Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS