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Local Streets

The game features a story mode taking you to a luxurious tropical paradise of Senora in the Indian ocean, you play through an amazing storyline broken down into action-packed missions followed by a heist where you will come across all aspects of activities including shooting, cinematic cutscenes, and vivid music all blended together smoothly for a more immersive experience. The open-world is as beautiful as it could be with day-night cycle playing in smoothly with scenic views at sunsets and sunrise, specific atmospheric conditions for different missions thus making it more lively and purposeful and ultra-immersive experience

The game features a single playable character and other non-playable characters that you come across during the campaign where you interact with them as you play and progress the story. Apart from storytelling, there is an open world to explore around going to new places and discovering new hidden locations and things

Welcome to Vikram on the Senora Island, a small yet a luxurious tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean. With Revenge in his mind and with the help of his partners, he wants to pull off the greatest heist in the history. But it's not going to be an easy job. Get ready for a wild adventure of Vikram with full of action, entertainment, high cinematic influence and vivid music.

The game will be available on our own ERC GAME LAUNCHER to download, stay tuned on our newswire and social media as we share more information on this & the release date, pricing, screenshots, and trailers as we get close to launch in Quarter 2 of 2022.

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