Local Streets brings with it the Interactive Storytelling and more...

Missions, ambient world and more

You start off with your friends on Island helping them and thus gaining to trust and having them as a hand behind! As as result you are indulged in various missions across island from drugs dealing to taking down hideouts to making it big with Diamonds in a hotel, all well designed in an ambient world, each mission has its own theme and setting from music to climate, some missions are well suited in sunny day, some during sunsets and night and some in rainy season. Each mission has its own cutscenes and gameplay animations Apart from storytelling there is a living world, people walking by streets, smooth day-night cycle with different seasons, beach parties, music.

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Stay tuned as we share gameplay trailer in coming days as we progress in development along with marketing. Local Streets aims ti bring the heart of Action packed open world to Indian setting

We are thrilled to share that, local streets will be available to download from ERC GAME LAUNCHER which will be a desktop application and will allow users securely download the Game of which the details will be shared soon!


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