Create your own Campus Stories

Hey, you want to know everyone on your campus and connect with them through various activities, clubs, events and all's favorite college fest. Where you don't have to go or ask anyone. one application that gives you all details on your hand and finds your best campus life experience by connecting our campus connect application which is launched soon.

FOR NEW JOINERS - The campus Connect app will help you become part of the university network & get access to all the best resources on orientation, accommodation, events, clubs, interactive maps & more. It's all about giving you a head start & helping you navigate those tricky first steps on campus

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Which gives you Exciting Memories

Are you looking for fun and can't find your nearest activities that give you fun and excitement through various programs, games, and much more? So don't feel sad here we come with a campus connect application where you find the nearest activities on your campus.


Make your Way to Explore

After making a club are you facing a problem of how to connect with everyone and how to reach out to the students? So don't worry about it, we are going to give you the best way to connect with everyone where you find new and interesting clubs on your campus, where you can join and enjoy your campus life.



Gain Universality with your beloved Events

Can't find your favorite events which give you a kick, thrill, and excitement? here we came with the campus connect platform which gives you all your beloved event's information in one place which means you can make your student life more enjoyable with amazing events.

"Persona Fest"

Dream Fest of Students

Fest where students make memories of their life stories, new relations, and make more strong old connections. If you want to make all these enjoyable moments at the last minute of the fest and don't have any idea what to do and how to do it? then no worries we are here for your help, just go through our campus connect application which gives you the perfect campus life in your hand.

Indian Food
Indian Food

"Mess & Restaurants"

Want to know about the mess menu & nearby restaurants. Campus Connect will help you with it.

"Project Collaborations"

Upskill, learn and develop projects

Campus Connect lets you enlist your project in case you need help with it or require more set of hands to take it to great heights. Similarly, you can apply to work on projects of your interest & connect with faculty to work on significant projects

Working Together on Project

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What is campus connect? Know more about the application:-

"Campus connect" what do you think? What is it all about? Campus Connect is just what its name means, it's going to help you to connect with everyone on your campus which means your all-campus life stories, memories, activities, events, clubs, and persona fest.

Amazing right?  No more you have to ask your teachers or management for any kind of events, clubs and fest information. In campus connect you will get all this information, details, and schedules just in one application.

The more exciting thing is you can upload and request your clubs and events for connecting with other people on your campus, and get help or add them to your clubs and events as per your requirement.